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The Internet License Plate Gallery [con't]

Plate Owner Registration About the Owner

Elliott Segelbaum - DOTCOM

Elliott Segelbaum

Registered in 1996. Elliot tells us he's been a Web developer "since before it was fashionable." DOT COM was actually a second choice, as his original preference "WEBMSTR" was already taken.

Peter Beckman - ADCRITC

Peter Beckman - DOTBOMB

Peter Beckman

Registered in 2000 (AD CRITC) and 2002 (DOT BOMB) for a 1986 Jaguar XJ6. From DOT COM to DOT BOMB, our gallery continues to chronicle the woes of many of our Internet colleagues. Peter registered his AD CRITC plate to promote his Web site, But as you may have already guessed, AdCritic went out of business, hence the newer DOT BOMB plate. [, however, appears to have re-appeared; acquired by the Ad Age Group. - Ed]

Tangent - WWWNET

Tangent - XML


Registered in 1997 (WWWNET) and 2002 (XML). Tangent reports that the WWWNET plate receives more horn honks today than it did when originally registered in 1997, following landing a job with Nextel. And the more recent and simplified XML plate proves that you don't need a lot of letters to make a simple statement.

Carl Westfall - VAUSAG

Carl Westfall

Registered in 2002. You may or may not consider Virginia to be the "Internet Capital" of the world, but you gotta admit they've got a pretty cool license plate. The ".COM" is an actual part of the plate design; Carl snatched this one up to promote his Virginia USA Gymnastics Web site,

Sergei - NYCFOTO


Registered in 2002. This plate was purchased to promote, which Sergei and friend have built from scratch. When the site began in 1998 it contained 4 photos of the Brooklyn Bridge; it now contains over 7,000 photos of the Big Apple.

Pam Spankowski - SPAM

Pam Spankowski

Registered in June of 1995. As if she doesn't get enough of it in her inbox, Pam chooses to adorn her car with this stuff, too. Pam has worked as a Web designer for the past 5 years, and also mentions an additional meaning for the plate: having a sister named "Sam" which resulted in the nickname "Spam." Our condolences.

Marcelo Ziperovich - BANDWTH

Marcelo Ziperovich

First registered in 1996 on a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. If the last plate said "too much," this one definitely says "not enough." Marcelo registered this plate when he was producing CD-ROM games; but now, as the founder of Web development and design shop, he finds that it's still a good fit.

John L. Newhall - TCPIP

John L. Newhall

Registered in March of 2002 for an inferno red Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Think all the best plates are taken? Think again. 10 year veteran John Newhall (5 of those as a system administrator) picked up this classic just last month.

Roger Barnes - ITG33Q

Roger Barnes

Registered in New South Wales in 2001. More entries from the land down-under. It took many tries to come up with a combination that wasn't taken, but IT geek Roger tells us he's pleased with this result; as it is "sufficiently cryptic to the uninitiated."

Charles C Caro - 2B N2B

Charles C Caro

First registered in 1996 on a dark cherry 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS. Purchased shortly after Charles had joined a new Internet company in 1996, both this plate and its message turned out to be prophetic: while the car and plate still exists, the company, unfortunately, does not.

John A Kelley - WWW GUY

John A Kelley

First registered in 1997 (might have been 1996). We all know that Web folks are a fast thinking bunch. John had to come up with this one quick when he realized his actual nickname, "Web Guy," was already taken.

Stu Cluff - HTML 4U

Stu Cluff

Registered in Washington on a 1992 Buick Roadmaster. Stu Cluff is a Web designer for

Jacira Castro - SLSAPWR

Jacira Castro

Registered in 2001 to a 1997 BMW. Begun as a graduate school project while working on her Masters in Information Technology, Ms. Castro informs us her Web site has now taken on a life of its own. is a global Web site dedicated to Cuban style salsa (dance and music) from around the world.

Wendi Ackerman - WEB D1VA

Wendi Ackerman

Registered in the Fall of 2001 on a "most reliable" 1994 Chevy Beretta. Straight from the Empire State, Wendi warns us: "Just don't ever call me Web mistress!"

Lehi K Davis - LNXCWBY

Lehi K Davis

Registered in 2000, and appears on a 1997 Toyota Corolla. Lehi writes: "I registered [the plate] in Virginia in 2000 when I was trying to come up with a new domain name. I wanted the plates and the domain name to match, so I came up with LNXCWBY or I figured it fits with my having just moved back to Virginia from Utah and being a fanatical Linux admin."

Michael F. Mann - INTRNET

Michael F. Mann - DOT COM

Michael F. Mann - DOMAINS

Michael F. Mann - WASHWEB

Michael F. Mann

Registered in Maryland. Mike has many Internet ventures; and, judging by this tour-de-force of vanity plate submissions, may possibly have cornered the market for Internet plates in Maryland. Mike is the President of

John M Stec - BYTE LAW

John M Stec

First registered in 1992. As you may have guessed, John is a lawyer for computer software and technology companies, who reminds us that "Byte Law is registered with the U S Patent & Trademark Office as my Registered Servicemark." Check out his site at

Bill Lundell - LNX FAN

Bill Lundell

Registered in January, 2002 on a Subaru Outback. From deep within the heart of the Evil Empire itself, Bill dares to host and run several Web sites on LINUX servers. Bill's own personal Web site can be found at

Michael De Tomaso - DATA MD

Michael De Tomaso

Registered in California, Spring of 1990. Michael is a Web designer residing in Santa Ana, California.

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