Web Development and Design Tutorials, Tips and Reviews

Web Development and Design Tutorials, Tips and Reviews

HTML5 Mobile Development Tips

So you have decided to step into the arena of mobile application development and see if you can't become the creator of the world's next "big" app. Read More.

More Best Practices to Secure Your Web Server

Part 2 of our series shows you how to secure services such as FTP, Apache HTTP server and outgoing e-mail server (SMTP). Read More.

Writing RESTful Web Services in Python with Flask

Explore the various components of a REST API built on top of Flask-RestFUL via a simple example. Read More.

HTML5 Game Development Overview and Resources

So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and develop the next big video game. Read on and James Payne will show you where to start. Read More.

Upcoming Features in TypeScript 1.5

Learn what additions to TypeScript Microsoft released last week with version 1.5. Read More.

Recent Articles

The Dangers of HTML5: WebSockets and Stable Standards

New HTML5 technologies like WebSockets offer some amazing new opportunities for Web developers.  But they also show how implementing unstable standards may cause more harm to a site than the benefits of the technology. What is the role of browsers and how should developers plan for when developing with HTML5? Read More.

What Web Developers Have Learned in the Past 10 Years

IE6 shipped more than 10 years ago, but its non-standard implementation of the shifting standards of 2001 still haunts today's developers. As the Web shifts to HTML5, and new versions of IE, Firefox and Chrome debut, have we learned the lessons of IE6? Read More.

Crank Up the Volume with HTML5 Music

With HTML5, music is making a comeback on the Web. In this tutorial we will show you how to create amazing music experiences for visitors to your website--and it's as easy as inserting an image. Read More.

Dojo.behavior: Write Modularized HTML Document Event Handling

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The Dojo Publish/Subscribe Event Mechanism

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Post a Message on a Facebook Wall with JavaScript

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Loading Dynamic HTML Content Using the Dijit ContentPane

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Handling Exceptions with ASP.NET

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Optimize Your Web Page with CSS Sprites

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3 Fun Conditional Tricks for Your WordPress Custom Fields

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Event Listening Made Easy with Dojo.connect

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Using with the jQuery Globalization Plugin in ASP.NET

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