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Experience Design (1/8) - by Nathan Shedroff

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Experience Design

Experience Design Book Cover
Author: Nathan Shedroff
ISBN: 0735710783
Price: $45.00 US
Pages: 300
Pub: New Riders

[Editor's note: the following is a compilation of excerpts from Nathan Shedroff's Experience Design. More information about the book, topics, and resources can be found at www.experiencedesignbooks.com.]

Elements of Experience Design

While everything is, technically, an experience of some sort, there is something special to many experiences that make them worth discussing. In particular, the elements that contribute to superior experiences are knowable and reproducible, which makes them designable. The concept to grasp is that all experiences are important and that we can learn from them whether they are traditional, physical, offline experiences or whether they are digital, online, or other technological experiences. In fact, we know a great deal about experiences and their creation through these other, established disciplines that can-and must-be used to develop new solutions. These aren't always obvious and, surely, they aren't fool-proof, but it's important to realize that great experiences can be deliberate and based upon some principles that have been proven.


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