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Version 4.0.13 - The Complete Script (Full-Window)

HM_ChildSecondsVisible Timeout Problem

In Version 4.0.12, we introduced the HM_ChildSecondsVisible parameter for creating pauses between the time a user mouses out of a child menu and the hiding of the menu tree. That is, of course, if HM_ClickKill is false.

If, however, the pause is long enough, a user may have time to display a second menu tree, hiding the first menu tree, and then mouse out of the second tree, starting another timeout before the first one has elapsed. This leads to the second tree being hidden after the first timeout has elapsed, which is a shorter period than intended.

Obscure? Possibly. But as James Musial and Matt Schroeder have pointed out, it may cause problems, if only by disorientating the user.

Wherever the following statement occurs in the script,

HM_HideAllTimer = setTimeout("HM_CurrentMenu.hideTree()",HM_ChildMilliSecondsVisible); 

we have changed it to read:

if(!HM_ClickKill) {
    HM_HideAllTimer = null;
    HM_HideAllTimer = setTimeout("HM_CurrentMenu.hideTree()",HM_ChildMilliSecondsVisible); 

Now any previous instance of the timer is cancelled whenever we need to fire it up again.

Files Changed in Version 4.0.13

You will need to overwrite previous versions of the above files to upgrade to 4.0.13.

HM_Loader.js has been changed to include the HM_GL_ImageSrcOver and HM_GL_ImageSrcLeftOver parameters. Both are optional, so your HM_Loader.js should be updated only if you have need to use either of them.

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