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CSS3 and Mozilla Border Radius Properties- DHTML Lab | 5


Fun with Mozilla Border Radii
Interactive Tool

Below, we have three nested <div> elements, two bordered, one not.

Follow the instructions to change the curvature of the corner elements..

10px black border
no border - red background
10px green border

1. Choose the border corner curve radius you want to modify.

CSS3 property: 
CSS3 JS property: 
Mozilla property: 
Mozilla JS property: 

2. Enter the curve radius value in CSS length units, percentage or "inherit" value:

Possible ValuesAffects...Example
<length> 40px
inherit inherit
Possible ValuesAffects...Example
<length> all corners 40px
<length> <length> [top-left bottom-right] [top-right bottom-left] 20pt 30px
<length> <length> <length> [top-left] [top-right bottom-left] [bottom-right] 80px 60px 30px
<length> <length> <length> <length> [top-left] [top-right] [bottom-left] [bottom-right] 80px 60pt 1em 10px
inherit all corners inherit

Enter curve radius value:  

3. Choose which bordered element to apply values to:


4. View the full syntax of the chosen option:

CSS3 Syntax: 
CSS3 JS Syntax: 
Mozilla CSS Syntax: 
Mozilla JS Syntax: 

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 or go to Step 6:

6. Reset ( clear ) border radius values:


On the next page, we wrap up.

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