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Hierarchical Popup Menus

Version 3.x
Dynomat Tool: Revision 2
by Peter Belesis
This tool assists you in creating the in-page  script necessary to include cross-browser hierarchical popup menus in your web pages.

It is highly recommended that you be familiar with the menu script developed by DHTML Lab. Complete script information is always available at
The tool will create the in-page script for you, based on your input. You, in turn, copy  it to your system's clipboard, and using your system's Paste command, insert the script into your editor.
Note: If your menus are to be used in a frameset, that is, if there is a navigation frame with links and a main frame for loading new pages, the script must be included in your navigation frame page.

At any time, you may view the instructions by clicking this button. The instruction box is draggable and may be kept visible while you get accustomed to the tool.

The use of popup tool tips can be toggled by clicking this button.

When you have created your menus, copy them to the clipboard by clicking this button.

Read the instructions carefully and try to build your menus in the order suggested. When the Continue button appears below, click it to continue.