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Event Test

This example page is designed to be run in Opera 7. Other browsers may produce unusual and/or confusing results.

Once the page is fully loaded, roll over the "Start Top Loop" link in the top frame to start the top loop counter display.

While the top loop counter is incrementing above, roll over the following link and notice that a new counter is started in the remaining input box. Notice that both counters continue to increment simultaneously. Both counters are controlled by the same JavaScript execution loop located in the top frame of the document. When the loop is "reentered" by the mouseover call below, the target input box for the text display is set to the second box, and the loop counter itself is set to be less than the full length loop being counted in the first box.

The "Top Loop" will count up to 20000; the "Bot Loop" will count up to 10000.

Start Bottom Loop