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Instructions - Frameset

Revised: June 26, 2001

Need your hierarchical menus to appear in one frame while you navigate in another? Follow these step-by-step instructions for perfect results.

Hierarchical Menus in Framesets
1.Create a frameset document. I recommend that the navigation frame be called nav and the main frame be called main.Details
2.Place the overhead, browser-detection script in the navigation frame document.Details
3.Place the parameter variable script in the navigation frame document, with the parameters defined appropriately for your application. Make sure that:
  1. the isFrames parameter is true
  2. the navFrLoc parameter points correctly to the position of the navigation frame in the frameset. Possible values: "left", "top", "right" and "bottom."
  3. the mainFrName parameter is equal to the NAME= attribute for the main frame.
4.Define your menu arrays in an external file called hierArrays.js, remembering that top-level menu arrays have nine extra elements.Details
5.Include hierArrays.js and the main menu script, hierMenus.js, in the navigation page by conditionally loading them for menu-enabled browser versions.Details
6.Define "hotspots" for mouseovers that display the menus using links in your navigation page's regular HTML flow.Details

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