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The Quiotix AppleTalk Router Package

AppleTalk internetworks are collections of individual AppleTalk networks connected by routers. The reference AppleTalk router implementation is the AppleTalk Internet Router for Macintosh, which runs on a Macintosh workstation. Needless to say, many customers do not want to dedicate a Macintosh for routing, and the Macintosh hardware does not provide a reasonable price-performance for routing tasks. Hence, many customers desire that routing be done by more suitable hardware.

The Quiotix AppleTalk Router Package includes:

  • a complete, high performance, AppleTalk Phase II Router
  • management interfaces for your existing administration mechanism
  • built-in hooks for optional enhancements

The AppleTalk Phase II Router. The AppleTalk router consists of fully-compliant implementations of the following AppleTalk protocols: DDP, AARP, Full RTMP, Full ZIP, NBP, EP, and the packet-routing engine. It can support routing over any number of LAN, WAN, or dial-up ports.

High Performance. This AppleTalk routing implementation is engineered for high performance. It requires no buffer copies to process routed packets, and recently-used routes are cached to improve the performance of routing-table lookups.

Management Interfaces. Management interfaces to the AppleTalk router allow a common administration mechanism to configure AppleTalk routing in the same manner as other routed protocols. The router is fully reconfigurable, allowing the set of active ports, and other operational characteristics to be changed dynamically.

Optional Enhancements. We offer a variety of optional enhancements to the router. These include: extensions for on-demand dialup routing; support modules for Token Ring, FDDI, and a variety of popular WAN services such as ISDN and Frame Relay; enhanced security, which allows network hiding; and SNMP support, so that network management software can obtain status information about AppleTalk routing.

Delivery. The Quiotix AppleTalk Router Package is available as ANSI C source code, object code for most processor architectures, or as a ready-to-run MS-DOS application.

Requirements. Since the AppleTalk Router is designed to be portable to a wide variety of target environments, its system requirements are quite limited. In general, any system with appropriate device drivers and an ANSI C run-time library will be sufficient.

Complementary Products. In addition to the AppleTalk Router, other Quiotix products designed to be incorporated into network products include an AppleTalk protocol stack, TCP/IP router, TCP/IP protocol stack, PPP engine, and a number of complete embedded applications for printer sharing, modem sharing, remote (dial-in) network access.

Consulting Services. The Quiotix Consulting Group offers training, porting, customization, and other services to assist clients in developing, integrating and delivering products based on Quiotix technologies.

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