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Lets you view searchable address books in your Netscape window. A fast, simple list lets you search for just the name you need and instantly displays it as a business card.
Lets you view browsable calendars in your Netscape window. Familiar calendar views and fast navigation let you find the events you're looking for.
ASAP Web Show
Netscape 2.0 plug-in that allows Netscape to become a presentation viewer/displayer. From Software Publishing Corp.
Astound Web Player
Netscape 2.0 plug-in plays dynamic multimedia documents created in Astound or Studio M software. Features dynamic streaming where each slide can download in the background while the current slide is displaying. From Golddisk Software.
CMX Viewer
A vector graphic plug-in for Netscape 2.0. From Corel Corporation.
A MIDI plug-in for Netscape that allows background music for your web pages. Windows only, from Live Update.
Cyber Link
A Mac application that creates finder-like aliases to Web URLs. Double-click on a Cyber Link file and your browser will go there. From RTZ Software.
This Mac freeware system extension adds a floating palette to Netscape which displays each page you have visited as a graphical thumbnail.
Plug-in allows real-time animation over the Web. The company reports that the animation algorithm can compress 10 minutes of video into a 1 Mbyte file. From GEO Interactive.
View Envoy documents in-line with this Netscape 2.0 plug-in. Envoy documents are similar to PDF, rich with different fonts, graphics, and layouts. From Tumbleweed Software.
Helper application called "the speed dialer of the Internet." Allows you to maintain multiple bookmark lists containing URLs, images, and text. Works with Netscape 1.1/1.2 (Mac/Windows) and Enhanced Mosaic 2.0 (Windows). Drag and drop URLs, organize them heirarchically with its finder-like interface.
A Windows multimedia player that plays all of the digital video formats found on the Internet (MPEG-1, AVI, MOV & FLC/FLI), as well as (soon) real-time audio and video. It automatically installs itself as the helper app for most popular browsers.
Pointcast (*)
Your personalized news source works as a screen saver and loads the news you select in the background. Soon to become a Netscape plug-in.
Shoc kwave
Shockwave from Macromedia allows interactive multimedia presentations over the Web, the Windows and Mac versions are now available, works with Netscape 2.0b5 and up.
The Virtual Meeting
A multi-user cross-platform web conferencing system and groupware development environment. Intended to be used with an audio conference call, this system allows you to present graphical information on every machine participating, either over the Internet or on a LAN. You can surf the Web on your machine, and the participating machines will surf along with you! Great for presentations or tutorials. Also has a whiteboard feature, live shared documents, shared Quicktime, a slide player, and more.
VRML Netscape 2.0 plug-in for Windows/NT from IDS.
Wavelet Image Viewer
Wavelet image compression viewer plug-in for Netscape 2.0 allows dramatic reduction in graphic file sizes. Also available are tools to create wavelet image files. From Summus.
An intelligent searching agent, reportedly the first of its kind. Input your areas of interest and this program automatically finds sites that most closely match your criteria at up to 70 search engines. From Quarterdeck. Currently runs on Windows only.
Web Whacker
Program allows off-line viewing of web pages by capturing them onto your hard disk, both HTML and images and relinking them locally. Useful for demos when a connection is not available. Available for both the Mac and Windows. From the ForeFront Group.

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