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New this week on WebReference.com and the Web:

1. GIORDAN ON GRAPHICS: Text Effects in Photoshop 2. NEW FEATURE: Search This Site From Yours! 3. NEW LINKS: Web Design Tutorials, Font Resources, Internet Searching 4. SURVEY: Audience Loyalty 5. OTHER VOICES: * DHTML Pop-Up Menus: A Parable of Triumph and Loss - WDVL.com * Preloading Images for Creating Mouseover Effects - WebDeveloper.com * Book Review: CDnow - Rags to Riches on the Internet - WebDeveloper.com * Customizing Java Applets - WebReview.com * Building for the 5.0 Browsers - Builder.com * Going open source - Builder.com 6. NET NEWS: * Online Auction House May End Up in Big House * Gore to Seek Information-Technology Funds * Andreessen to be AOL CTO * Sun Releases Jini Technology * New PalmPilot due next month

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. GIORDAN ON GRAPHICS: Text Effects in Photoshop

Combine Photoshop layer effects and text selection techniques to create fabulous font fireworks to light up your page. By Dan Giordan.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. NEW FEATURE: Search This Site From Yours!

Now you can add this simple search form to your site to search WebReference.com remotely. Best of all, it's free.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. NEW LINKS: Web Design Tutorials, Font Resources, Internet Searching

>Web Design Tutorials

The path to great looking, fast loading Web pages is paved with step-by-step tutorials. Get started on the right foot at our newly updated graphics (and design) tutorials page. http://www.webreference.com/authoring/design/tutorials.html

>Font Resources

Searching for a font that's just the right type? Our font resources have just been updated with links to thousands of fonts, hundreds of font facts, and the best foundries on the Web. http://www.webreference.com/authoring/graphics/fonts.html

>Internet Searching

Searching, searching... We're almost always in search of something. Our newly reorganized Internet Search section will help you find just what you're looking for without sending you on a wild goose chase. http://www.webreference.com/internet/search/

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. SURVEY: Audience Loyalty

Frequently updated, high quality content that displays quickly and is easy to use are the main factors that retain your Web audience. What a surprise! A new poll of 8600 Web households also suggests that branding, old media advertising, and banner ads are less effective in gathering an audience than search engines, e-mail, Web site links, and word of mouth.

Forrester Research's Media Field Study for January reveals that users return to their favorite sites for the strong content (75%) and regular turnover of information (54%). Snappy design that loads quickly (58%) and is easy to use (66%) are two other important factors.

Users said that branding (13%), cutting edge technology (12%), chat and BBS (10%) had little effect in their decision to return. Keep in mind that return visit factors were gleaned from a survey, some of these factors are difficult to quantify.

According to the survey getting them there in the first place is best done by search engine placement (57%), e-mail messages (38%), external links (35%), and word of mouth (28%). Our own experience supports the email and link factors.

Most Used Sources for Web Addresses ----------------------------------- Search Engine 57% E-mail Messages 38% Web Sites 35% Word of Mouth 28% Magazine Ads 25% TV Commercials 14% Periodical Articles 11% Vendor Catalogs 11% Newspaper Ads 9% Banner Ads 7% Radio Ads 2% Mail Ads 2%

Factors Driving Repeat Visitors To Their Favorite Web Sites ----------------------------------------------------------- High Quality Content 75% Ease of Use 66% Quick to Download 58% Updated Frequently 54% Coupons and Incentives 14% Favorite Brands 13% Cutting Edge Technology 12% Games 12% Purchasing Capabilities 11% Customizable Content 10% Chat and BBS 10% Other 6%


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5. OTHER VOICES: DHTML Pop-Up Menus: A Parable of Triumph and Loss, Preloading Images for Creating Mouseover Effects, Book Review: CDnow - Rags to Riches on the Internet, Customizing Java Applets, Building for the 5.0 Browsers, Going open source

>DHTML Pop-Up Menus: A Parable of Triumph and Loss (Based on a True Story)

Never underestimate the power of underestimation - the easy things in life are clearly the most challenging. Here we follow along in the development journey of a Dynamic HTML technique for a client - namely, pop-up menus using mini-browser windows - as a microcosm of the pain, woe, and triumph of birthing an idea from "sure that sounds easy" to actual implementation. For Windows v4+ browsers. See also our hierarchical menus. http://WDVL.com/Authoring/DHTML/Menus/ http://www.webreference.com/dhtml/hiermenus/

>Preloading Images for Creating Mouseover Effects: Tutorial and Free Code Generation

Everyone always wants to know how to make those cool mouseover effects, so we got two of our best mad scientists together to cook up this potion for you. Now our software writes your software, so you just pick the images and have fun. http://www.webdeveloper.com/categories/javascript/javascript_preload_roll.html

>Book Review: CDnow--Rags to Riches on the Internet

You will learn more about creating and running a Web business from this book than you will from reading five typical books on e-business. http://www.webdeveloper.com/reviews/book39.html WebDeveloper.com, Jan. 25, 1999

>Customizing Java Applets

PageCharmer Pro proves to be a worthy tool for those who want to add Java applets to their site. http://webreview.com/wr/pub/1999/01/22/feature/index.html WebReview.com, Jan. 22, 1999

>Building for the 5.0 Browsers

Unlike previous browser iterations, designing pages for the new 5.0 browsers will be standards-based. http://www.builder.com/Authoring/Browsers50/ Builder.com, Jan. 19, 1999

>Going open source

Builder.com's going open source for their content and news. http://www.builder.com/Business/Shafer/011899/ Builder.com, Jan. 18, 1999

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. NET NEWS: Online Auction House May End Up in Big House, Gore to Seek Information-Technology Funds, Andreessen to be AOL CTO, Sun Releases Jini Technology, New PalmPilot due next month

>Online Auction House May End Up in Big House

New York City officials are investigating claims of fraud at auction site eBay. http://www.internetnews.com/ec-news/1999/01/2502-ebay.html Internetnews.com, Jan. 25, 1999

>Gore to Seek Information-Technology Funds

Vice President Al Gore is promising a 28 percent raise in tech spending in next year's budget. http://www.mercurycenter.com/business/top/085356.htm San Jose Mercury News, Jan. 24, 1999

>Andreessen to take AOL's CTO Post

Marc Andreessen, executive vice president and cofounder of Netscape Communications, has agreed to become chief technology officer at America Online, the No. 1 U.S. online service, following its acquisition of Netscape, according to reports. http://www.internetnews.com/bus-news/1999/01/2501-netscape.html Internetnews.com, Jan. 25, 1999

>Sun Microsystems Announces Jini Technology

Sun Microsystems Inc. Monday released its new "Jini" Java-based networking technology that enables instant network connectivity using many different electronic devices. http://java.sun.com/products/jini/ http://www.webreference.com/new/980720.html - Jini details http://www.internetnews.com/wd-news/1999/01/2501-sun.html Internetnews.com, Jan. 25, 1999

>New PalmPilot due next month

The Palm III X, to be unveiled in late February, will feature a clearer display and expanded memory in the same form factor as the Palm III, according to News.com. In the same time frame, 3Com is expected to finally release its much-anticipated "Razor" product, which will sport a slimmer case and an enhanced battery. http://www.news.com/News/Item/Textonly/0,25,31310,00.html News.com, Jan. 22, 1999

That's it for this week, see you next time.

Andrew King Managing Editor, WebReference.com update@webreference.com

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