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http://www.webreference.com http://www.webreference.com/new/ New this week on WebReference.com and the Web:

1. GIORDAN ON GRAPHICS: Exploring the Photoshop Lighting Effects Filter 2. UPDATE: Evolution of a Homepage - Digital Archaeology 3. NEW LINKS: HTML Editors, JavaScript Resources 4. SURVEY: Favorite Internet Newsletters 5. OTHER VOICES: * Internet Product Watch Giveaway - ipw.internet.com * Office 2000: What Microsoft's Hiding Inside the Box - PCWorld.com * Enticing Visitors To Return To Your Site - Internetday.com * Intro to the Web Application Development Environment - WDVL.com * JulianCode Encrypts Text Messages Instantly - JavaBoutique.com 6. NET NEWS: * PrettyPark Virus: Part worm, part Trojan * Register.com Launches Domain Registration System * Microsoft forges an agreement to optimize Perl for Windows * Two Companies Offer Free Message Services * Skill assesments and certification testing for Web professionals via the Internet * Hacker vs. Cracker

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. GIORDAN ON GRAPHICS: Exploring the Photoshop Lighting Effects Filter

This week, the spotlight is quite literally on Photoshop's Lighting Effects Filter. Create professional cast lighting effects with just a few mouse clicks, or drill deeper to explore the many facets of this powerful tool. By Dan Giordan.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. UPDATE: Evolution of a Homepage - Digital Archaeology

We've uncovered two long lost versions of our home page! Carbon dated to July 1995 these artifacts show WebReference.com (then called the Webmaster's Reference Desk) in its embryonic form, long before the first Explorers probed the Web. By Andrew King.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. NEW LINKS: HTML Editors, JavaScript Resources

>HTML Editors

Tired of using plain ol' VI or Simpletext to mark-up your Web pages? Well, Bunky, we've got more HTML editors than you can shake a stick at. http://webreference.com/authoring/languages/html/editors.html

>JavaScript Resources

Young Grasshopper, before you can become a true Master you must learn the Way of JavaScript. I give you these resource to draw upon. Learn them well. http://webreference.com/programming/javascript.html

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. SURVEY: Favorite Internet Newsletters

What are your favorite Internet newsletters? I get this question a lot, and subscribe to a number of newsletters. As you can imagine many of them are about Web development (listed online, see below), but for this week I thought I'd do an informal survey of my favorite newsletter editors to see which newsletters were *their* favorites. The results, which I combined with my own, were revealing.

There are thousands of newsletters out there, including many from internet.com (including the WebReference Update):

*SHAMELESS PLUG* internet.com's got an ever-growing list of daily and weekly newsletters for your reading pleasure, including newslinx, internet day, and internet.com daily, which is a great way to keep up to date with what's going on at internet.com.

http://e-newsletters.internet.com */SHAMELESS PLUG*

Now that I've shored up my job security ;), let's take a look outside our little universe to seek out "must-read" Net newsletters. Here they are:

>ICONOCAST - Market Intelligence for Intelligent Marketers

ICONOCAST is a great resource for the facts, figures, trends and rumors in the Internet marketing industry. A weekly e-mail newsletter edited by Michael Tchong, founder of CyberAtlas (now owned by internet.com LLC) and MacWEEK, ICONOCAST features include pageviews, ISP news, Web trends, and my favorite, the Jacobyte for hot tips and rumors. Primarily original content, ICONOCAST is that rare newsletter that informs and also entertains. In my informal survey many editors cited ICONOCAST as their favorite.


>InfoBeat - Life's too short to miss a Beat

InfoBeat is an news aggregator, you pick the feeds you want (news, weather, sports, stocks, entertainment, reminders, classifieds and ski reports), the time(s) you want them (8am and/or 3pm) and you receive a custom e-mail with just the type of info you selected. Like the Internet Scout Project with their Net Newsletters service, InfoBeat also offers InfoBeat Select, a selection of the best e-mail newsletters.


>Lockergnome - Free Windows 95/98/NT eZine

For Windows users you can't beat Lockergnome. A free daily/weekly email newsletter for Windows 95/98/NT users, Lockergnome is packed with the latest new software, Web sites, plus tips, and industry news. Chris Pirillo's style is informative and amusing.


>Media Grok - A Review of Press Coverage of the Internet Economy

A companion daily newsletter to the weekly print Industry Standard, Media Grok critiques and gives perspective to the press coverage of the top few Internet Economy stories and highlights news from the thestandard.com and the Net.


>Scout Report - Surf Smarter

The Scout Report, part of the Internet Scout Project, is a weekly e-zine offering a selection of new and newly discovered Internet resources of interest to researchers and educators. Each high quality selection (in Research and Education, General Interest, and Network Tools categories) is annotated.

The Internet Scout Project is a real treasure trove of useful Net information, and, like infobeat.com, archives other high quality newsletters (including WEBREF). From the NSF and the University of Wisconsin.


>Seidman's Online Insider

Biweekly commentary and analysis of major Internet trends and news by industry pundit Robert Seidman.


>Search Engine Watch Newsletter

A monthly newsletter from Danny Sullivan, webmaster of Search Engine Watch. Great inside info and news about search engines and search technology. Yes, I know it's one of ours, so sue me.


>TidBits - All the News that Fits in 30K

One of the oldest and most respected e-mail newsletters around TidBits is one of the best Macintosh newsletters available. In-depth analysis and commentary of new Mac products and trends, Web sites, and news from noted Mac mavens Adam and Tonya Engst.


>TOURBUS - Why Surf When You Can Ride The Bus?

The Internet TOURBUS is a twice weekly virtual tour of the best of the Internet. Free tickets are available at the site. The bus has a theme each issue, and makes a couple stops along the way to interesting sites. Aimed at beginner to intermediate netizens. Your drivers are the infamous Patrick Douglas Crispen of ROADMAP, ATLAS, and squirrel fame, and Bob Rankin, freelance writer and author.

http://www.tourbus.com These just scratch the surface, there are many other great e-zines but these are the ones that I actually read to the end. Here are some common features I found in these top newsletters.

1. Original Content - The best newsletters offer something extra, and analyze the news, not just report it. 2. Inform and Entertain - A sense of humor helps 3. A Staff - The best newsletters generally have a staff 4. Metainfo - Some newsletters offer analysis of the analysts (Media Grok), or offer customized news to match your needs (InfoBeat).

ICONOCAST in particular stands out above the crowd. It doesn't just report or analyze the news, it *makes* news with its Jacobyte rumors section that's a must-read.

You'll find all of our favorite Internet magazines, including Internet-oriented newsletters at:


What are your favorite newsletters?

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5. OTHER VOICES: Internet Product Watch Giveaway, Office 2000: What Microsoft's Hiding Inside the Box, Enticing Visitors To Return To Your Site, Introduction to the Web Application Development Environment (Tools), JavaBoutique: JulianCode Encrypts Text Messages Instantly

>Internet Product Watch Giveaway

The newly revamped Internet Product Watch has launched a new contest to pump up their subscriber base. Sign up today for a chance to win valuable free software. Everyone who signs up has a chance to win. http://ipw.internet.com

>Office 2000: What Microsoft's Hiding Inside the Box

To great fanfare, the mother of all office suites has landed. Microsoft's long-awaited Office 2000 delivers a boatload of small improvements. But many users will want to steer clear of one of its most highly touted features. IPW has a review of FrontPage 2000, part of the new suite. http://ipw.internet.com/development/publishing/916162081.html http://www.pcworld.com/pcwtoday/article/0,1510,11055,00.html PCWorld, July 1999

>Enticing Visitors To Return To Your Site

InternetDay has focused quite a bit lately on how to market your site to increase traffic. But how do you get that traffic to keep coming back? William Nabaza, of Web Essentials, shows you how. http://www.internetday.com/archives/060799.html Internetday.com, June 7, 1999

>Introduction to the Web Application Development Environment (Tools)

In this tutorial, Selena Sol steps back from the realm of specific technologies and focuses on a general survey of Web application development tools. http://wdvl.internet.com/Authoring/Tools/Tutorial/ WDVL.com, June 2, 1999

>JavaBoutique: JulianCode Encrypts Text Messages Instantly

Better than a secret decoder ring, the JulianCode applet allows anyone to have relatively secure e-mail by allowing for on-the-fly encryption/decryption of text messages. http://javaboutique.internet.com/JulianCode/ JavaBoutique.com, June 1, 1999

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. NET NEWS: PrettyPark Virus: Part worm, part Trojan, Register.com Launches Domain Registration System, Microsoft forges an agreement to optimize Perl for Windows, Two Companies Offer Free Message Services, Skill assesments and certification testing for Web professionals via the Internet, Hacker vs. Cracker

>PrettyPark Virus: Part worm, part Trojan

Anti-virus companies unearth worm/Trojan that reportedly e-mails PC's Windows Address Book every 30 seconds. http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/news/0,4586,2270411,00.html ZDNet.com, June 4, 1999

>Register.com Launches Domain Registration System

Network Solutions, Inc. finally has some competition with register.com accepting new registrations Monday. The New York Times reported today that register.com, one of the five companies picked by ICANN, is offering domain registrations at $70 for the first two years, which includes the use of a server where the domain would reside, something that Network Solutions charges an additional $119. http://www.register.com http://www.nytimes.com http://www.internetnews.com/bus-news/article/0,1087,3_132441,00.html Internetnews.com, June 7, 1999

>Microsoft forges an agreement to optimize Perl for Windows

Microsoft Corp. may have its competitive sights trained on Linux, but it's watching other open-source fronts for openings, as well. http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/news/0,4586,2269078,00.html Sm@rt Reseller, June 2, 1999

>Two Companies Offer Free Message Services

The buzz on Internet-based unified messaging services is reaching a fever pitch. Two companies are launching free Internet services that let users receive voice-mail and fax transmissions in their e-mail in-boxes. http://www.zdnet.com/intweek/stories/news/0,4164,2270666,00.html Inter@ctive Week, June 7, 1999

>Skill assesments and certification testing for Web professionals via the Internet

Gestalt Systems, Inc. (http://www.gestalt-sys.com), a leading provider of Internet training courseware, announced today that Gestalt, the International Webmasters Association (IWA, http://iwanet.org), and Tekmetrics, Inc. (TMI, http://www.tekmetrics.com), are partnering to provide the first industry-validated Web skills certification program for Web professionals. http://www.internetwire.com/technews/tn/tn982908.dsl Internet Wire, June 4, 1999

>Hacker vs. Cracker

In last week's Update we reported the latest government site's break-in using the term "hacker." A couple readers pointed out (some vociferously) that the term should technically be "cracker" not "hacker." The mainstream media has pejorated the term hacker to mean "one who breaks into computer systems unlawfully" while we really should be using cracker. Unfortunately not many folks know the difference, (we've used both on webref), so I passed on the term from the story. Hey, didn't mean to offend any of you honest-to-God hackers out there. Coincidentally, Slashdot ran a story about this very issue over the weekend: http://slashdot.org/askslashdot/99/06/05/1815225.shtml Slashdot.org, June 5, 1999

That's it for this week, see you next time.

Andrew King Managing Editor, WebReference.com update@webreference.com

Lanie Anderson Assistant Editor, WebReference.com landerson@internet.com

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